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How can I help seniors with vision problems?

Helpful Ideas

Be certain the lighting is adequate for the senior. Low vision problems are responsible for many accidents in the home and adequate lighting is a large part of it. Replace burned out lightbulbs with lights of the same wattage. Be sure stairs, closets and entry ways are illuminated. Outside lights should delineate paths, stairs and walks.
Task lighting is important for reading or hobbies. Seniors love to read the paper...be sure to have a magnifier or a magnifying lamp if needed. Loss of vision is such a heartbreak to so many seniors. Luckily, there is a great deal of reaserch being done in the area of macular degeneration, on of the great robbers of eyesight in older individuals.

Elderly sometimes need to be under constant care, is there help?

Granny-cams and room monitors

The so called granny-cam can be a third eye for a caregiver. This small camcorder can be a tremendous help for those who must be under constant care.In addition, room monitors,like those used in baby rooms are also an option. These are very sensitive to even the lightest sounds making them very useful.

How can I improve safety in my elder´s home?

Check flooring regularly

Flooring should be secure and non-skid. Check regularly for broken tiles, carpets that have loosened Throw rugs can be hazardous as they are sometimes slippery. All rugs should have a non-skid backing which is easily available in department stores.

How can I improve safety in my elder´s home?

Prevent fires

Elderly frequent forget to turn off appliances. Put small appliances,such as grills, hotplates, and coffeemakers on timers so that they turn off automatically after a few minutes.

How can I improve safety in my elder´s home?

Replace steps with ramps

Replace steps and stairs with ramps for elders who can no longer negotiate them safely.

How can I improve safety in my elder´s home?

Remove cords from walking areas

Help prevent elderly falls by securing cords from lamps, radios and similar items. Run them under carpeting or tack them to walls so that they are not loose in areas of frequent traffic.

How can I improve safety in my elder´s home?

Avoid stairs

Move an elder's bedroom to the main floor to reduce the possibility of falls on stairs.

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