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Is there any help for putting eyedrops into the eyes?

Eyedrop tip #2

The tiny eyedrop bottles are extremly difficult for arthritic or weak hands to manage. The Autodrop Bottle Squeezer is a great gadget to help. The eyedrop bottle fits into a small holder with handles. The handles make it MUCH easier to squeeze the bottle releasing the drops into the eye.
Getting drops into the eye can be a huge problem for the elderly.

Is there any help for putting eyedrops into the eyes?

Eye Drops- helpful hint

Are your expensive eyedrops running down your cheeks? If this is a problem for you, a new item is available. Not only are the drops necessary for certain conditions, but they are EXPENSIVE. The EyeDrop Dispenser is a handy-dandy little gadget that solves this problem. The small eyedrop bottle fits into a small holder which cups the eye and keeps the lid open. The drops then fall exactly into the eye.This is an essential item for anyone who needs eyedrops.

How can we help the elderly remain independent?

Helpful Products for Senior Citizens

The elderly have a fear of losing their independence. Many surveys have rated the, "ability to manage themselves" as a very high priority for seniors. Often, a product made to address the specific needs of senior citizens, makes independence possible. If a sore back prevents one from bending to put on shoes or socks, that person is unable to go out. How about a Foam Handled Shoe Horn? At 18" long, there is no bending. A Sock-Aid solves the problem of putting on the hose.
Simple items such as those mentioned can make an enormous difference in the life of a senior citizen. Many older folks are actively searching for these items. They are readily available to make a positive impact on someone's life.

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