Elder Care Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of elderly care are in America today?

Care of a senior citizen

What type of elder care will my loved one need?

Weightlifting is only for the young --- correct?

How can I manage time?

What types of activities do you offer?

Who can a caregiver turn to for moral or emotional support?

How do I know what to do when visiting adult day care facilities?

What do I consider a good adult day care?

What does adult day care provide?

Will my loved one be active at adult day care?

What Can I do to assist?

Can someone with Alzheimerīs cook and be left alone?

How do I know if my bathroom is safe?

How do I know if my loved one is able to be independent?

Is long term care expensive?

How will I know if adult day care is necessary?

How often should an elderly person see an eye doctor?

How do I treat someone with Alzheimerīs?

Alzheimerīs - where can I find help?

Can senior citizens exercise?

What is Pumping Iron?

Is it okay if the elderly person eats alone?

Can I volunteer at a nursing home?

Why canīt I sleep?

What gifts are appropriate for the elderly or homebound?

How do I locate Veterans care?

How often should I visit?

What can I say to my elderly?

What if I cannot sleep?

How do I cope with grief?

How can I improve safety in my elderīs home?

How will I know if adult day care is necessary?

Should I ask questions?

How can a senior citizen pump iron?

How do I know if my loved one is getting proper nutrition?

How do I plan the appropriate care?

What Does an Elderly Person Need from Me?

Can you explain what becoming a caregiver entails?

How can I tell if my elderly is eating properly?

What questions do I ask when evaluating the level of care?

Who pays for Long Term Care?

How can I know what a caregiver needs?

How do I determine the level of care?

Do you recommend support groups?

How do I cook for someone elderly?

How can I become a Power of Attorney?

What is dementia?

What are some sources of community support for seniors?

What is Meals on Wheels?

Seniors can lift weights, correct?

Are there outside Senior support agencies available?

Can senior citizens exercise?

What about care at home?

Who makes final wishes?

What happens to the elderly if they are frail?

How do I treat an elderly person?

What Does an Elderly Person Need from Me?

Explain the benefit of a living will.

What is long term care?

How do I renew a distant relationship?

How Can I Make Things Right Again?

Should I allow my elderly relative space to vent anger?

What is a garden of memories?

What signs of illness or decline do I look for, in my elderly parent?

What is AARP?

How can I find senior support through the internet?

What is MedicAlert?

What is the Council on Aging?

How do I know when I am reaching burn out?

What is the scent of springtime?

What is Adult Day Care?

What is assisted living?

How can I speak to an elderly person about important matters?

How do I get Medicaid?

Should we talk about the past?

What if I become the caregiver?

How do I know if my home is safe?

Do I remodel my home for my loved oneīs safety?

How much will Medicare pay?

If my elderly person has Medicare, his or her medical needs are met

Does proper nutrition help the elderly?

How can I intervene?

What can I do?

What about scrapbooks, and old pictures?

What do I Observe?

What about special and social activities?

Can you explain adult day care?

Can you explain what becoming a caregiver entails?

Should senior citizens exercise?

Are there other links to senior support?

How can I help an elder continue to be a safe driver?

Should I call before visiting my elderly relative?

How do I know about adult day care facilities?

What is a cataract?

Who should say Iīm sorry?

What can Social Security answer?

How can I care for my loved one when I feel like a parent to him ?

How did I become the parent to my parent?

How can I make my parentīs decisions?

What is a health care team?

How do I learn to listen?

What do I do if I get angry?

How can I tell if someone elderly needs special care?

How can I tell if someone elderly needs special care?

What are the warning signs that my elderly person might need help?

Should I treat the person like an adult, or a child?

Are warning signs obvious?

How can I tell if my elderly person is deteriorating?

How do I know about their social skills?

What can I do if my elderly person cannot remember to pay bills?

What happens if I notice the house is not tidy?

Could this be the early signs of dementia?

What to do if I suspect sleeping disorders.

How can I investigate and protect the finances?

How can I show my love and support?

How can I persuade the elderly to visit us?

How can I prove my trust?

Can you explain Do Not Resuscitate?

What makes an estate?

Doesnīt Medicare pay for Long Term Care?

Care for the elderly

Do I child proof my home for the elderly?

Have you heard of SCR?

What about special activities?

How can I make someone elderly happy?

What are the little things?

How do I locate adult day care?

What are adult residential facilities?

Where can I locate Family Services of America?

How do I accept things I cannot change?

What can I give Grandma for Valentines Day?

Should I do something nice on holidays?

How can the elderly remain safe drivers?

Where can I locate Children of Aging Parents?

How do I show my elderly relative I love her?

How can I stop my elder from driving

Where can I get financial information for senior citizens?

How can I find the time?

Is it okay to ask questions when touring adult day care?

What questions do I ask when touring adult day care?

Can I take the senior citizen to see the day care facility?

Can I take my senior citizen to the tour site?

How can I make someone feel better?

My elder refuses to stop driving. What can I do?

Can I wait until tomorrow?

How do I cope when touring a nursing home?

Elderly sometimes need to be under constant care, is there help?

How can I help seniors with vision problems?

How can I improve my health with diet?

Is there help for the elderly to get up out of bed?

what about seniors who are incontinent?

What information is available on eye diseases in the aging population?

What information is available on eye diseases in the aging population?

What diseases can the elderly get?

What should seniors do to protect themselves from the sun and heat?

Is there any help for putting eyedrops into the eyes?

What are some tips for seniors safety in the bathroom?

What are some ideas for safe bathing for seniors?

Are there aids available for toileting?

How can we help the elderly remain independent?

Recent Elder Care Questions

Q. what kinds of fitness opportunities are there for senior citizens?
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Q. My husband is in need of a gadget to help him put on socks. He has back trouble and Ihave looked everywhere for help! Any suggestions?
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Q. Should a senior citizen with diabetes bath in a warm tub of water?
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Q. My grandad is getting lunps on his shoulders and chest.The doctors had a meeting and said he may die,but then they said it may be cancer but no one in our family has cancer so can this be?
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Q. what can we do for residents who do not celebrate any holidays? what kind of simple crafts would be made to not offend anyone yet be benefiial to the use of the activity?
thank you
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Q. My dad just became a wheelchair passenger. He needs help to use the toilet. How can we go out? Mother & I use the "Ladies"; should we bring Dad in with us? I really don`t think I`d be welcome in the "mens". So far, our outings are 2 hours or shorter because we can`t figure this out. PS: Our mall has a "famlies" that works out just fine but he`s tired of shopping!!!
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Q. My grand mother is 83 years old and I think she is in the early stages of dementia. She has memory loss, gets very confussed, fall, and has serious mood swings. When you try to correct her she claims she already knows and she doesn`t. She gets lost easily. She refuses to see a doctor. Is there any way my family or I can make you see a doctor?
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Q. I am a retired teacher who used the idea of scrapbooking in my history classes. I would like to offer seniors in my community the opportunity to scrapbook. Any special circumstances I need to be aware of? Any help you can give in preparation would be gratefully accepted. What about materials - what works best?
Thank you.
Joe Oliveri
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Q. I take care of an elderly on the weekends and I need activities to do with her like at the table or while she is sitting down. Do you have any sugestions?
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Q. What type of flooring is good for a sunporch or kitchen? My Mother is concerned about falling on ceramic tile but I`m not sure that vinyl will be much more forgiving. Is there a resilent-type tile flooring with some bounce to it?
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Q. it was my understanding that if a person was on medicare and medicaid that you could get a new mattress when the one they have is a queen but the springs are poking thru and hurting them plus they have bad backs and the dr has told them to get a new matress can you help he has suggested they get the dual air where they can each control their side or an adjustable bed where they can each get comfortable can you lead me in the right direction i cant find a supplier that will take medicare and medicaid except for just a hospital bed or matress but they need a queen thank you
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Q. My grandafather is 80 years old and is complaining of not feeling hungry and has a high temperature. He has been out in the heat recently with a fairly thick wooly jumper and does not drink very much apart from tea. Could he hav heat stroke?
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Q. I know someone who has had colon cancer and has accidents(BM)in bed. His mattress is soiled and I am wondering if you could tell me how I can get the smell out and any suggestions as how to prevent this from happening again?
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