Types of Elder Care

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How many types of elderly care are in America today?

Types of Elder Care

There are many types of elderly care available now, including:

1. Adult Day Care – similar to child care. Adult day care is a place where your loved one can be cared for, fed properly, and special needs can be met in many facilities. Before reserving a spot for your loved one, I encourage you to tour the facility, ask questions, and allow the elderly person to see the facility so he or she can be introduced and become familiar with the atmosphere.

2. Home Health Care – these agencies are assigned by a medical facility, or under other recommendations, providing the ability to supervise and assist the elderly person. Among the services provided are: nursing, medical, and personal hygiene. Home health care benefits the elderly who are remaining in a familiar home setting, allowing a bit of independence and quality of life.

3. Group Homes – For the elderly loved one who does not have limited abilities, group homes are similar to a family home setting, allowing the elderly person to have assistance when needed. Nursing services and other needs can be fulfilled from health care services and agencies.

4. Skilled Nursing Facilities – Skilled nursing facilities provide 24-hour medical care in a nursing home atmosphere. Services include rehabilitation, medical services, medication distribution, diet, labs, mental health, if needed, recreation, personal care and hygiene, and nursing supervision. Be certain to inquire about the licensing by the state where you, or the potential resident will reside, and inquire about meeting federal regulations. Ask about their policies and procedures, requesting answers about how they handle reports and complaints related to abuse, neglect, and other issues that might affect your decision. Be certain to inquire about their policy about Medicaid, if this will be an issue. Some nursing home facilities do not accept Medicaid residents.

5. Assisted Living – a care facility that assists the elderly with their immediate needs, including food, laundry, and other living necessities to further their quality of life. Medicaid will not pay for assisted living. Be certain to inquire about the fees, and how the facility prefers to be paid. Most facilities are private pay, which simply means, either you as the caregiver, or the elderly person, are expected to pay, on a monthly basis.



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