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How do I know what to do when visiting adult day care facilities?

Day Care Considerations

Adult day care provides the social setting, atmosphere, activities, and supervision necessary to meet the care of those who are no longer able to care for themselves.

Where can I locate Family Services of America?

Family Services

FSA, Family Services America, is a non-profit association. They provide counseling, support groups and other specialized services for seniors. They specialize in assisting families in solving complex problems of elder care. To find the nearest location call FSA at 414-359-1040.

What types of activities do you offer?

Activities at Adult Day Care Include

Every adult day care facility should have interesting ways to entertain the elderly. When touring an adult day care center, be sure to inquire about the activities. In many places, there is a Recreation Director. Make certain that your senior will not be sitting by the television watching soap operas all day.

Elderly senior citizens need stimulation. Be sure to inquire about social and entertaining activities. Many seniors have talents and hobbies worth investigating. Programs should include music, art, crafts, gardening, some include animals. Activities should be fun, geared to ability and interesting. In addition, the activities should include some form of physical exercise. A tour of the facility should provide this information.

What questions do I ask when touring adult day care?

Asking Questions

Be sure to ask about the hours of operation, special care, items or medicines you might need to bring, and if they can administer medications. Discuss the fees, and what would happen in the event of an emergency. Find out if a nurse or doctor is on staff.

Can I take the senior citizen to see the day care facility?

Touring An Adult Day Care Facility

You might consider taking the senior citizen with you during the touring phase, so you can see how comfortable they are and if they like the facility. It is most important that the person who is to be at adult day care learns to recognize the facility and to enjoy his or her time at the center. Introduce your loved one to the staff, and other participants.

Should I ask questions?

Tour List

When considering an adult day care facility, be certain to tour the center. Make a list of questions to ask, and ask them. Don't be shy! Write the responses down and save them. You never know when you might want to refer to the answers.

How do I know about adult day care facilities?

Always Be Observant

When interviewing and touring an adult day care facility, pay attention to what is going on. Is the appearance of the facility clean and neat?

Do participants seem to be at home and comfortable?

Does the facility smell?

Is the facility staffed properly?

Be observant, and ask questions!

What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day Care

Adult Day Care Centers provide a recreational and social outlet for older persons or persons with disabilities.

Many provide daily meals for participants.

Day Care Centers may be sponsored by the Federal government, churches, public and volunteer groups in your area. Many are private or corporate centers, part of a group of long term care centers or assisted living facilities owned or managed by one firm.

Organizations such as the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation (UCP) offer both residential and Adult Day Care Programs in many parts of the country for not only individuals with Cerebral Palsy, but with many other people with both physical and mental disabilities .

What about special activities?

Special Activities

Be sure to inquire about special activities for someone who will be at adult day care.

If special activities are not included, find out how you can assist.

Keeping the elderly active is important!

What types of activities do you offer?

Day Care Activities

Make certain your loved one will be active at adult day care. Activities are important. You do not want your loved one to be staring at television all day, or wandering off. Supervision, activities, and the social gathering of other participants will help to ease the transition, allowing the caregiver a bit of relief.

Can I volunteer at a nursing home?

Becoming a Volunteer

You've toured the facilities and decided on a nursing home. Now, you are curious about the care.

The best way to observe elderly care at a nursing home is to volunteer your talents. Read. Visit. Contact the activities director and volunteer.

Where can I locate Children of Aging Parents?

What is Children of Aging Parents?

Children of Aging Parents, (CAPS) is a national resource for caregivers, developing a network of support groups, workshops and seminars.

They offer advice and informational via literature to educate the public on the needs of the elderly and their caregivers.

For additional information you may contact them at: CAPS, 1609 Woodbournee Road, Suite 302A, Levittown, PA 19057.

What are adult residential facilities?

Residential Care

Seniors and disabled individuals (physically and/or mentally) without families or those unable to live at home for a variety of reasons may find housing in the form of group homes or other types of residential facilities.

Residential facilities offer individual care by well trained hosts.

This type of residential care may be expensive, so check to see if the person seeking housing is eligible for a housing grant.

Also investigate to see if the person is eligible for a grant to have personal care in their own home for several hours a day to assist them in their daily routine.

How do I cope when touring a nursing home?

When Touring, Don't Be Intimidated

You've made one of the most difficult decisions in your lifetime. You are searching and touring to find just the right nursing home for your loved one.

How do you know a good nursing home when you visit?
How do you avoid feeling uncomfortable?
My suggestion to you is simply --- do not be intimidated by what you see. Be yourself. Ask questions, while reminding yourself you are doing this because it is the right thing to do. You are seeking professional medical care and social environments. Never be intimidated!

How do I locate adult day care?

How Can I Locate Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is such a new area, and it is still a bit limited to the American public.

To find these facilities, search in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book. In my area in South Carolina, adult day care is listed:

Day Care Centers - Adult (yellow pages section)

It might be that your area does not have these facilities yet. If you have difficulty locating any, contact the local hospital, speaking to someone who specializes in geriatric care, or contact a local social worker.

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