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My elder refuses to stop driving. What can I do?

Disable the Automobile

When my father, an Alzheimer's patient, refused to stop driving, my teens disabled his car by disconnecting wiring. He'd start to drive and discover that the car wouldn't work. We'd tell him that it needed repairs that we would get done. That satisfied him.

How can the elderly remain safe drivers?

Hearing and Eyesight

Hearing and eyesight decline in acuity as we age. Yearly tests of both hearing and eyesight can help ensure that the elderly are fit for driving.

How can I help an elder continue to be a safe driver?

Driver Retraining

Studies indicate that driving improves among the elderly who have taken retraining courses. The AARP offers "55Alive" at this site:


In addition, AARP has a couple of quizes that can be used to highlight deficits in driving skills.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) offers information on the course, "Safe Driving for Mature Operators," at this site:


How can I stop my elder from driving

Contact Your State's Department of Motor Vehicles

Contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicles if you suspect that your elder is no longer a safe driver. Ask them to request a retest of vision, hearing, and driving skills for your elder.

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