Elderly Tips

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What Does an Elderly Person Need from Me?

Elderly Tips

1. Treat with dignity and respect - always. If your loved one is mentally capable, allow them to make decisions about their care. Be diplomatic and graceful.
2. Call or visit on a regular basis.
3. Volunteer to do special things for your elderly loved one. For example: suggest taking your loved one shopping, or out to dinner.
4. Never complain, or make your loved one feel what you are doing is a burden to them.
5. Listen! Listen to what your elderly loved one is saying to you. Watch the body language. Look for clues that something is wrong. For example, if your elderly person appears absent-minded or forgetful and does not know who you are, this could be a clue and warning sign of possible dementia. If you find a clue, talk to your loved one with kindness. Treat the elderly with respect, recognizing that they are adults, not children.
6. Be proactive, suggesting yearly medical, hearing and eye exams. Follow up to make certain your loved one has completed the physical exam, along with the results of the exam.
7. Never assume that your elderly loved one is all right, or will ask for your help. Volunteer…volunteer…and volunteer again.
8. Discuss current events. By discussing current events, you will be able to discover if something is not right emotionally or physically. If your loved one cannot recall the day of the week, or appears to be distracted or lost, something could be happening to them.
9. Get your family involved with your elderly loved one. Allow your children, or grandchildren to visit with them.
10. Record special moments! When your elderly loved one shares stories of old times, along with cherished memories, record them into a tape recorder, camera, or if not available, jot notes down. These moments can be cherished forever!



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