What Is a Care Giver?

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What Does an Elderly Person Need from Me?

What Is a Care Giver?

Caregivers are your average, run of the mill people. Most are related to the family member, or a close friend. The majority of caregivers are baby boomers, busily juggling their lives, careers and families. They become caregivers unexpectedly when a loved one or family member becomes ill, or too weak or frail to remain independent. They learn to consult, make decisions, and become pro-active for the elderly person who is deteriorating. Americans of the baby boomer generation are aging. Approximately one of four American households is involved in some form of care giving. The number of primary care providers is diminishing because many family members live far away or cannot become involved. Where does this leave the elderly? Who will feed them, dress them, and provide for their needs and companionship? Who will see that their medical, financial and personal needs are met?
In America, hospital and long-term care is skyrocketing. Medicare will not cover the needs sufficiently. Only a small amount of American families can afford private nursing home care, or long-term medical care. Approximately 36% of primary caregivers are over the age of 65. They learn quickly to become advocates and to share the remainder of the elderly person's life with as much quality and care as they can provide.



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