Explanation of A Living Will

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Explain the benefit of a living will.

Explanation of A Living Will

You've probably heard the term "living will" before, especially if you have been involved with the care of someone critically, or terminally ill.

To simplify the definition of a living will, I will explain it briefly. A living will is a signed document confirming a loved one's wishes, in the event he or she becomes incapacitated and is unable to express how he or she wants to be treated medically. Living wills are used to disallow extra medical treatments, including feedings - to include intravenous feedings or G-tube feedings, respirators and other medical treatments that might prolong death.

Sometimes family members can challenge a living will. Based on my experience with living wills, care giving, and elderly care; I encourage you to check with the laws where you reside to see the legal ramifications of Living Wills.

You might discuss Living Wills with your elderly loved one, to find out how they believe.
If your elderly loved one believes in Living Wills, accept and honor their belief.



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