How To Parent Your Parent

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How can I make my parent´s decisions?

How To Parent Your Parent

When you accept the responsibility to care for your parent, you are stepping into a new chapter of your life, and at times, it will be quite a challenge.

When you are the "Parent to your parent" be careful with your approach. Provide love and assurance. If your parent has difficulty hearing, speak louder, and encourage a hearing checkup.

Encourage daily bathing and grooming habits.

Never treat your parent as if he or she is a child. Offer guidance and advice, while remembering this is your parent you are caring for. If necessary make decisions, however, allow your parent to voice concern, making suggestions.

Remember, you have taken on an overwhelming responsibility. While you are not the parent, you ARE the caregiver, and decisions need to be made.

Discuss the future. Make plans. Be good to your parent, and cherish this special time you have together.



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