Weightlifting for Seniors

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Weightlifting is only for the young --- correct?

Weightlifting for Seniors

Did you know that a new trend for some senior citizens is to lift weights?

Before trying this, I recommend approval from your physician.

Weightlifting is a good way to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and to give the senior reassurance that he or she is still strong and virile.



12/23/2006 9:05:08 PM
don said:

how do you get started with the weight lifting?

3/12/2007 5:41:10 AM
gene rayburn said:

I am playing around with 2 10# bells,wondering how much and what I should do

5/25/2007 12:15:53 PM
Roy Carr said:

How do I find a wightlifting Program for seniors, which tells me HOW TO USE WEIGHTS and what to do, and not why it is good for me.


12/19/2008 12:13:11 PM
kathy said:

is there a good video for seniors who want to start lifting weights?


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